Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's Like I'm Walking On Sunshine

While my DVR often gets filled with episodes of The View, The Girls Next Door, Lost and Jon & Kate Plus 8, I am also in love with shows about medical conditions: mysterious ones, addictions, and anything weight-loss related. They all capture my interest, but A&E's Intervention never gets old. I was recently introduced to Allison, who was addicted to huffing the canned air we use to clean electronics. Though I hate to admit, I laughed at some parts of her ep, but was mostly rooting for her give up the inhalants.
Make sure you view all 5 parts to see her full story!

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Anonymous said...

Helpful Information:

Intervention is available OnDemand, check your local cable company to see if this episode is offered in your area.

If not, you can purchase it at store.fancast.com, or videostore.rr.com where it is available commercial free (i think) for the low low price of $1.99.

This is a good one!