Friday, July 17, 2009

In Defense of Jimmy Fallon

Criticism comes far too easily to the newest Late Night host. I know, he was the giggly one during his Saturday Night Live tenure, but I'm making my case for Jimmy and his Late Show starting now:
  • Jimmy is young- a mere 34 years old! Reflecting this advantage, recurring segments include playing beer pong with celebrity guests (even Betty White partook), his unrelenting quest for a Saved by the Bell cast reunion (see Mark-Paul Gosselaar's recent appearance) and his "Intense" segments (Will Ferrell's was comedy gold, as expected). Jimmy's comedic point of view is far more youthful than anything in late night (Conan still rocks, but I'm guessing he will be forced to chuck some of his previous Late Show schtick to uphold the Tonight Show mainstream standard).
  • Two words: The Roots. You might think this was sell-outy of the band, but by Jimmy losing the generic, Bar-Mitzvah party vibe other late night bands bring (no matter how great they were pre-network gigs), it ups Jimmy's cool factor and also pulls in some sweet musical guests (as outlined in this article, which inspired the post you're reading).
  • Jimmy has love for the game. He grew up a die-hard SNL fan (it's a wiki link, but it's true!) and worked his way from fan to cast member to co-anchor of Weekend Update. For anyone who has idolized a performer, in any artistic capacity, you have to give him credit (in other words, I'm insanely jealous).
Stop the Jimmy hate, it's so 2000 and late.


Elvis99 said...

Hallelujah, sister!

Thom Yorke´s Bad Eye said...

I have not watched it yet but I do subscribe to his brand of humor. Have you seen the hangover yet btw?

Anonymous said...

the blog jamps again!! yes!