Monday, November 17, 2008


I want to like Beyonce, I do, but she's too perfect. Have you ever seen Beyonce with a hair out of place? Me neither, and it's obnoxious. Not all celebs are like this: I heart Xtina because she's talented, yet she's also a hot mess (just like me, minus the talent). But before I get all huffy, I would like to say that Beyonce's music is good times and still makes for an awesome itunes mix, but I must take the opportunity to call her out on 2 things (unrelated to her plasticy on-screen perfection): 1) "If I Were a Boy" is her new single. But didn't Ciara do the same song (better) 2 years ago with "Like A Boy"? 2) Beyonce did NOT write "Irreplaceable," Ne-Yo did. And he sings it better.

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