Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Straight Street

A fellow LA resident (and Kathy Geist wannabe), Anita pointed me to this MTV/Obama interview. MTV's Sway asked Obama questions that came straight from viewers and one wanted to know what Obama thinks of "lifestyle legislation like anti-sagging-pants ordinances, [and] asked whether he feels those mandates intrude on civil liberties." A proud father of 2, Obama used his oldest daughter, Malia, in an example he presented as a response,
"I think that it's one thing if an employer discriminates on the basis of gender or sexual orientation or, obviously, race," he said. But by the same token, "I think employers can set standards. You have [dread] 'locks," he continued, pointing to Sway's hair, "but you look clean, man. It's tight. My little girl has twists, Malia. I think, to me, it looks great. Obviously, I'd be upset if she were discriminated against on that basis... as long as they aren't discriminating on the basis of things people can't control."
I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.

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