Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Citizen's Arrest?

The fashion police are not happy with Drew Barrymore's look at Sunday's Golden Globes, but I liked it! Her hair is big, fabulous and my fave part of this ensemble and though I'm not wild about her dress' visible seams, the cut flatters her. Drew looks great and I declare her a red carpet winner! (By the way, she's ten times more gorgeous in person. I spotted her at a Mexican restaurant and couldn't help but stare.) Speaking of big hair, remember how J.Lo's 2003 Academy Awards hair was hated on at the time? Seems silly considering almost every girl has now done the same pinned back look in recent years. Perhaps Drew's will have the same mainstream success?


mrsfjl66 said...

is that my sister? I think it is. And I agree. Totally fab look, Drew-Britton!

Kevin said...

i've seen her at baja fresh and mexico city. i'm keeping my eyes peeled when i go to chipotle!

Sarah said...

I still think J-Lo's hair looked redic.