Friday, October 3, 2008


When I was in 2nd grade and did well on my report card, my dad took me to Toys 'R Us (spoiled much?) to pick out a reward. I chose a lovely pink elephant who I named Penelope. My brother claimed I would play with her for 10 minutes and then lose interest, as many of my other stuffed animals (or 'friendlies' as i called them) sat untouched once they became old news. But Penelope was different and she is still with me today, having undergone some fancy patchwork to keep her delicate, fabric face intact. This pic that Marisa sent me reminds of Penelope when she was fresh from the toy store, but even though she has aged, I still love her just the same, as she does me.


Anita Ridiculous said...

penelope is your ryde or die lady. she is also excited about the notorious BIG movie.

Anonymous said...

I have tried to leave an I heart penelope comment for days. blogger doesn't want it to happen apparently.