Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Old People

Do any of you fools watch 60 Minutes? When I have the pleasure, typically when I'm spending a Sunday in my Hollywood vacation home, I always watch until the very end so I don't miss Andy Rooney's gripping commentaries on what he deems television worthy material that week. One day he brought clothes to his office that he sifted through to either keep or give away. We learned of his corduroy jacket and the old 1984 Giants ticket stub still resting in its pocket. I've also had the pleasure of seeing fan mail items Andy has received over the years... wow, not that I think of it, he really likes to hold on to useless crap. Since I am rambling like Rooney, here is my point: he embarrasses me. Someone needs to alert CBS that this glimpse into his aging mind really isn't that charming, it's almost sad- why are they indulging this man? Why not spend a few more minutes covering pressing topics like the election, the war we're stuck in, the failing economy, or our environmental crisis (to name a few)? Though I can't avert my eyes from this train wreck, I do beg CBS to put him out of his on-camera misery. Please, none of us really needed 2+ minutes on umbrellas.

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Anonymous said...

my question is - what kind of hours do you think he puts in at the office each week? how much time you think he spends writing his little rants?