Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jewish Casual

Attention readers, there is a dress code category you have been missing out on your entire lives: Jewish Casual. Coined by my mother (really, do other parents use this term?), Jewish Casual is equal to dressy casual, but may some more limitations unlike the latter. Though not a spoken rule, Jewish Casual implies no jeans, and nothing too skin-bearing. It can be worn to social events, but not Saturday morning Shabbat services. Realizing this may be an exclusive family term only my bother and I were raised with, my cousin did some interweb research and found an alternate and equally appropriate definition:
"“Jew Casj” (Jewish Casual). That is when a cool out-exterior is masterfully negotiating a jumble of inner-neurosis."
While I was raised to think of Jewish Casual as a dress code, I feel my world has expanded by considering it a state of being. Today, neither my outfit or attitude would be described as Jewish Casual, but I have a feeling I will be both for an upcoming family event. L'Chayim!


Anonymous said...

I love you!!!

Jennifer said...

for aaron's bar mitzvah, his mom wrote on the invites: "Dress Code: Chinese Glitzy Casual".

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