Thursday, May 28, 2009

Love and Basketball

In case you are wondering, I love Shaquille O'Neal. Here are my reasons:

  • Shaq loves a good dance-off (above) and will even perform in earnest (see his routine with the Jabbawockeez).
  • Shaq will call you out if you make him mad (see retaliation rap against Kobe Bryant).
  • Shaq loves the kids (Oprah intro'd him to a 12- year-old boy who is already taller than the b-ball star! Plus, he had that under-watched reality show helping kids lose the l-b's.).
  • Shaq will kindly take time out of his day to shake hands with 5'4" red heads (true story, if I had a pic, it would be posted).

1 comment:

Thom Yorke´s Bad Eye said...

You met Shaq????!!! How frickin awesome. Btdubs - looooved Shaqs Big Challenge. Probably because i was a former fat kid (and current chubby adult, haha!)