Thursday, May 14, 2009

Feliz Navidad

This post has 2 discussion purposes: Aretha Franklin's inauguration hat and recognizing the correct pronunciation of the local neighborhood Los Feliz. 1) Aretha Franklin took a fashion risk with her hat choice at Obama's inauguration and retailers have noticed. It may be a little early, but making money off of Christmas proves to be a year round activity with the Aretha Franklin hat ornament, a lovely addition to any tree! Saw'll one up if you're into that whole Christmas in July thing. 2) One of LA's hipster neighborhoods, Los Feliz, often gets its own name butchered by Los Angelenos, but I am here to correct it (five years of high school Spanish are paying off!):
  • Incorrect Pronunciation: Los Feel-Iz
  • Correct Pronunciation: Los Fell-Eez (like Feliz Navidad, get it?!)

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