Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Love Geronimo Jackson

But more importantly, I love Lost. I love Wednesdays, when I can curl up with my new Slanket (hells yeah, I got one) and my Lost buddy and time travel with my now island-bound friends. Almost as good as watching a new ep is dishing about it the next day. I have just now joined the online fun with Entertainment Weekly's column, an episode recap with nerdy insight into the mind bending plot and help with connecting the dots to past seasons. Questions based on last night's travels: Is Penny dead? Where is Aaron? Seriously. Why does Kate have to be that girl and use sex as a weapon? Why wasn't I handcuffed to Sayid?

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Thom Yorke´s Bad Eye said...

First of all - congrats o the slanket. I still have not gotten one.

Second of all I freaking love Lost and last weeks episode was out of control good. You need to download the Jay and Jack Lost podcast from Itunes. It is great- very good theorties.