Tuesday, February 10, 2009

She Works (Out) Hard for the Money

I hate when celebs say they don't work out. It's complete BS: no one can stay skinny 24/7 with a steady regimen of chasing their toddler, lots of yoga, walking their dog or some other lame excuse that the tabloids feed me. But, for once, the truth is being spoken! Rom com queen, and apple of Hugh Grant's eye, Sandra Bullock is telling it like it is in the new issue of In Style (she's one of the 12 women they rotate around for each month's issue):
"People ask, 'How do actresses do it?' Um, they pay us to do this in order to look good on film. I do Pilates, kickboxing, weight training. When I'm in Austin, I run or ride a bike. If I can work out every day, I will. But there are times when I won't do anything for two weeks, and I'm like, 'You know what? I talk enough to burn calories.'"
Besides, we all know what happens when you don't work out. Right, Jessica? (burn!)

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Sarah B.S. said...

Oh Snap! What's up Mom Jeans.