Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bourne Again

My love of outspoken celebs goes beyond appreciating their unwavering solipsism- I admire, in most cases, anyone who speaks his mind with the knowledge to back it up. Today I came across this gem. Matt Damon verbalizes a portion of my own fears about Sarah Palin's Vice Presidential nomination and I high-five him for it. Another favorite on my politically-left celebrity list is Alec Baldwin. Though I fell in comedy heart with Alec from his many apprearances on Saturday Night Live, his "Bush"-lashing of late has turned this 'ship into full blown love. In the words of an esteemed co-worker, "Sarah Palin, you are a thoughtless little pig!" Si se puede!


Nina Berry said...

Matt and Alec for VP and Pres!

Marisa said...

Your profile pic makes me feel that you are EXTRA qualified to discuss politics, because clearly you are reminiscent yet older and wiser than that e-trade baby.