Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are

Campbell Brown is pissed off, and you should be too! Today she wrote an angry plea to the McCain campaign team imploring them to 'free' Sarah Palin. Brown accused the repub's team with sexist treatment of their VP pick, saying Palin is being treated like "a delicate flower who will wilt at any moment" since the press has had virtually no access to her for interviews or press conferences. My political views are not in line with Palin, but if she is indeed the formidable opponent we've been told, then why be so guarded? If the McCain team is worried she will misspeak, well, that's the consequence of their purely political VP choice. With only 41 days left until the election, voters need as much information as possible on each candidate. Whether keeping Palin from the press is sexist or not, it is hurting any voter who is still grappling the issues and their presidential choice.

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