Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm Going to Baja

Here's the 411 on the new 90210: Kelly Taylor has a son and that's all you should care about. He has curly blond hair and his father's identity has been a mystery... until now! It's confirmed that Dylan McKay is the daddy but won't be gracing us with his sideburns this time around. Tear. As a die-hard fan of old school 9-0, I'm not sure I buy Dylan as the father. My bff Taylor will clarify,
"In the sometimes unintelligible words of Amy Winehouse, what kind of fuckery is this? Bearing in mind that I didn't watch the last eleventy billion seasons of 9-0, I still remember Dylan going on his merry way to be with Bren in the land of characters we got rid of. If anybody is the baby daddy it should be Brando so Bren can be the aunt and she and Kelly can bond or fight over that. I am displeased. Note if for the record."
Noted, my friend.

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Marisa said...

Being one of the Forbidden Children, i.e. the kids not allowed not watch 9-0 cause our parents imagined it was what Gossip Girl actually is, I am very glad I stumbled upon this post . . . because I just assumed Dylan was Jason Priestly and did not actually THINK about the names, and therefore did not find that news to be shocking at all. Now I see there's a little more to it!

Also, Annie is kind of annoying. Also also, I'm gonna go download "How Do You Talk To An Angel?"